Camp Creek Landscape
See how Camp Creek Landscape teamed up with After extensive research on web development companies in the Mid-South, Mitch McNeely, owner of Camp Creek Landscape, chose Angelfish Media. Learn how Mitch's decision has paid off in terms of ROI, but also in terms of POM, peace of mind, when referring to customer service.

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"It's exceeded my biggest goals and dreams. Just by the immediate response in people calling, seeing the website, seeing the pictures. We've had more direct leads from the website than any other source I've had... I mean in all aspects of advertising. It's been a real payoff!" Mitch McNeely Owner, Camp Creek Landscape
The Showcase Camp Creek came to us with a portfolio of work that we think might overshadow every one of it's competitors in the mid south, but no great way to showcase it online.

We presented them with a media plan that included professional in-studio photography, drone photography for some of their featured projects, social media updates, and a new website to grow along with the company.
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