Peddler Bike Shop
Peddler Bike Shop Peddler Bike Shop was voted best bike shop in Memphis because they believed in bikes. They hired us because they believed in Angelfish, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to team up with a company like Peddler. A company built on excellence.

It's this trust and faith in us by clients that pushes our team to go beyond what others do. Our drive helps us deliver the excellence we find our clients providing their customers, and we think you can visually see it in the final product that is
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Want to learn how the pros fit a person to a bike? If so, watch this video and see how the staff at Peddler Bike Shop fits its customers to the perfect bicycle.

Similar to how the Peddler helps a customer find the right bike, we were able to assist the Peddler by creating a set of videos that showcased its staff, the history of the company, and why its important to get properly fit for a bike (no matter your skill level).
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